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“We had been using the same Accounting firm for many years and had become accustomed to the amount of work required on our part, accepting without question the results they gave us, and never really having any idea of what position our business was actually in. We assumed that this was what was available and this was the financial cost of these services – they were the professionals and who were we to question their requirements, charges or results?

When we were introduced to Practice One Accountants, it was at first emotionally daunting to feel we may be leaving the comfort of what we knew to try someone who was unfamiliar with our business. These fears were quickly removed as their Accountant was unfazed by the stacks of previous years’ paperwork and quickly worked through the previous two years as well as the current financial year to familiarize himself and to get an idea of what information we had been accustomed to collating. On returning, he had organised our financials into easily readable files, halved the paperwork required to maintain throughout the year, and introduced us to an accounting package which was affordable, easy to use, and accessible to himself so he could check throughout the year and give us updates and suggestions on our business in a timely manner.

Since using Practice One Accountants, our costs have decreased, our workload has decreased, and our business has benefited from an experienced professional providing honest appraisals and suggestions regarding financial management and structuring. I cannot believe how long we were able to manage without this assistance. Not every Accounting firm is the same. Not every Accountant appreciates that your business is your livelihood, and not every Accounting practice takes the time to understand the intricacies of your business. Practice One Accountants manages to do all this and more.

We are now looking forward too many more years of successful business practices with the support and knowledge of Practice One Accountants.”

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